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"An toil leibh a' Ghreig, a chàirdean?"

Translation:Do you like Greece, friends?

March 5, 2020



An toigh leibh accepted sometimes but not here? Could it be or it there a specific reason in this example that it has to be ''An toil leaib'' The reason I ask is that because I've seen it written both ways sometimes I specifically write ''toigh'' to remind me that if I see it written somewhere.


If you actually typed "leaib" instead of leibh then that's probably the reason it was marked wrong, rather than "toigh".


Can I ask if Greece is a' Ghrèig or a' Ghreig? I've seen both but think only one can be correct. Many thanks


It ought to be a' Ghrèig, we're changing it in Tree 2 so you might see it sometimes. A' Ghreug is also an acceptable spelling :)


Many thanks for all your help


how about accepting normal English word order!


since Duolingo insists on literal translations it should accept the vocative 'o' (o friends)

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