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"Tha mi còmhla ri seann charaid."

Translation:I am together with an old friend.

March 5, 2020



Lenition always occurs after "seann". And "seann" is a modifier that always comes before the noun.


Yes. All normal adjectives that go in front cause lenition. Not all modifiers do, e.g. gach, 'each'. This is normally classed as a pronoun in dictionaries, but it looks like an adjective to me when you say gach duine 'each person'. Whatever you call it, it doesn't cause lenition.


"I am meeting an old friend" should be accepted as well.


Nope, in this sentence you are specifying location, and not motion. The verb "meeting" is not present in the Gaelic; for that you'd need to use something like a' coinneachadh or a' tachairt :)

"I am meeting an old friend."

  • Tha mi a' coinneachadh ri seann charaid.
  • Tha mi a' tachairt ri seann charaid.


I presume old/seann means "one who has lived many years". How you you say "old friend" meaning "a friend I have known for many years"?

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