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"Tha dannsa Gàidhealach luath agus doirbh."

Translation:Highland dancing is fast and difficult.

March 5, 2020



Duilich is another word for difficult. I was marked wrong. Both doirbh and duilich should be acceptable.


As I understand it, "duilich" means "sorry". The standard phrase for "I'm sorry" in Gaelic is "Tha mi duilich." It's an expression of regret, not an admission of error.


So you are saying the dictionary is wrong?


What dictionary are you looking at and what does it say?


Just seen your comment, my apologies.

duilich - adjective: hard, difficult, unfortunate.

duilich - used as exclamation: ha mi duilich = I'm sorry!

Gaelic English Dictionary - (Celtic Language) Gaelic as used in the Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

So, in the context of our sentence, I am correct. So my word ought to be accepted as an alternative.

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