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"Chan e taigh-bìdh a th' ann. 'S e taigh-òsta a th' ann."

Translation:It is not a restaurant. It is a hotel.

March 5, 2020



should it not be an hotel?


Originally it should, as a French import, but contemporary English has moved away from using "an" to accepting "a". However, see Fowler's Modern English Usage for much more light on the whole question (3rd edition 1996 ed. Burchfield) under 'a, an 3'). The best place to turn for help on what is good English, and what is half-learned in school but not the whole picture. It also reflects how our language has changed and is still changing.


Really poor pronunciation. Very quiet and rushed.


Nope, sorry.......whatever the first word is, does not sound anything like "Chan e". Possible audio interference, reported.


Just got this question again. Whatever was the problem with the burbled first word seems to have been cleared now. Thank you mods!

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