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  5. "Hay puntos en el cuadro."

"Hay puntos en el cuadro."

Translation:There are dots in the painting.

July 13, 2014



Ridiculous that "there are dots on the painting" is marked as incorrect. Why wouldn't in be? And if you wanted to say that there is a painting which has dots on it, how would you say it?


It maybe that this sentence was written as if one was looking at the painting (in a museum). I'll say "in" the painting if I am looking at it from a distance, but I will say "on" if I am looking down on it (it's on the table and I am leaning over it).

Your answer is correct to me, though. Report it if you see it again.


"There are dots on the painting" is now accepted 08-12-15


Georges-Pierre Seurat or a fly in the gallery?


Pointillism . Seurat, Signac, van Gogh


Well there are worse things than staring at the water on a Sunday! There are worse things than staring at the water as you're posing for a picture being painted by your lover in the middle of the summer on an island on the river on a Sunday!


"Un dimanche après-midi à l’Ile de la Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat - Hay muchos puntes en ese cuadro.


Aqui es un lingot por "pointilism"!


Here is a lingot for knowing "pointillism"

Aqui hay una lista de doce otros Pintores de Pointillist. http://www.artcyclopedia.com/history/pointillism.html


Cuatro - Four

Cuarto - Room, Quarter, Fourth

Cuadro - Painting/Picture

Cuadrado - Square (as in the shape), Squared

Cuadrar - To square


Cuatro - four; Cuarto - Room, quarter, fourth; Cuadro - painting/picture; Cuadrado - square (as in the shape), square (number); Cuadrar - To square.

It's a good point, but a lot easier to read if you put semi-colons between the different items in a list, otherwise it can be quite confusing to read!

Although I'm also confused one of the hints for 'Cuadro' was 'square'. Word Reference also implied 'Cuadro' and 'Cuadrado' can both be 'square'. Is there a subtly different use for the words? [As this is in the science skill I was trying to work out if it was talking about the corners of a square or something similar!]


I think it means "cuadro" is "square" as in a frame. That's my only guess. Also I made the list look less confusing.


I translated this as "there are points on the square" it was marked correct, the other translation being "there are dots on the painting."


That seems like a more relevant "science" translation to me, but evidently both are possible in context.


"There are dots on the picture" should also be scored as correct.


Because apparntly this is to do with science... I think not, duo


Actually, impressionism and pointillism had/has a lot to do with science-- the science of color, vision, and perception.

"Seurat was fascinated by a range of scientific ideas about color, form and expression."

"This new style, which we recognize today as pointillism, was rooted in new scientific ideas popular in the French capital at this time. "

http://www.arthistory.net/pointillism/ https://www.theartstory.org/artist-seurat-georges.htm#key_ideas_header



el pintura/cuadro= painting /square | La pintura= paint | el pintor= painter


The answer I was given was "there are points on the box" so different - but still rubbish.


dots IN the painting are intentional, part of the design, dots ON the painting some one was clumsy with the wine. Note: though I am learning spanish and remembering it, (very different things) I find these topic discussions more fun entertaining than any Spanish Class I ever took, and yet, oddly helpful - just wanted to say Thanks to the commentators.


how about "dots on the graph"?


I put points in the picture andvit was ok, but really wonder, since this is supposed to be the science section, if cuadro could mean quadrant.


Judging from most of the questions in the science section, my guess is that the creators of Duolingo know way more about language than they do about science. :D. Yet, they gave it an admirable try. The main problem is, the Duo algorithm that determines what questions to put in each section is word based. It will see the word "points" and automatically put in Science, even if context dictates otherwise.


Nope. That seems to be cuadrante.


Amazing that the same sentence can mean doors in a painting and points in a square. So confusing


"puntos{ also translates as "stitches," so hopefully this program allows for that translation, even though "dots" are more likely to be found on a painting. Still in modern art, it would be possible for someone to stitch thread though the canvas before (or after) painting the picture.


I don't know where to post this comment . . . . I get emails from duolingo all the time concerning a particular phrase or sentence, showing the student's comment. But in addition, there should be the English/Spanish translation, so I can quickly test my skills


In addition to being a painting or a square could it also be a quadrant? "There are points in the quadrant." that sounds the most scientific/mathematical of the options


When did cuadro become "box"?


What is the Spanish word for " punctillist"


Why do they say cuadro means box? :|

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