"Dov'è mia figlia?"

Translation:Where is my daughter?

May 1, 2013

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I would have thought the correct Italian for this would have been, "dov'e la mia figlia."


Remember this little equation :)

1 family member = no definite article

more family members = use the definite article


Why did it not take "where is my child"?

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The default grammatical gender is masculine, which means only "figlio" can mean "son" or "offspring". "Figlia" can only mean "daughter".


She snuck out last night and went to a party. She didn't come back in the morning but texted you to tell you that you shouldn't worry, she's staying at a friend's house. She did not specify which friend, so you know something is up. You start to track her phone and search up who owns the house. You find out that the owners have a son five years older than her who is also the owner of a very nice motorcycle. After stalking him on instagram and other social media you find out that he has tatoos and piercings. You text to tell her that you're glad she's ok, but what she doesn't know is when she comes home she will get the biggest lecture of her life, you will bar her windows, you will take her phone, and she will never go out of the house again until she turns 18 and has graduated high school. You just call it "tough love." :)


That was way too specific, are you ok?


Ok, so figlia is child/daughter/son and figli is children or plural for daughters or sons either way right? -- am assuming that way ^^"


Figlio-- son

Figlia-- daughter

Figlie - daughters

Figli - sons, or sons and daughters, or (one's own) children


What's the irrelevance about Taken? I'm STILL confused regarding when " la mia" is to be used and when, as in this example, "mia"" only.......... I put " Dov'e la mia Figlia " and it was wrong. Fair enough but the next example was " I mei genetori mangiano riso". My parents = i mei genetori. Confused.

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The possessive adjective always takes the definite article except with singular, unmodified family members.


"Where is my girl" is not correct even though girl is under figlia


As spoken by Liam Neeson

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