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Ceud latha, ach tioraidh, a chàirdean!

Yes! A hundred days of the Gaelic, signed, sealed and delivered. Sgoinneil, nach eil? Agus tha a’ Ghaidhlig agam nas fheàrr na a bha i o chionn ghoirid*.

Mòran taing, a h-uile luchd-obraich Duolingo!

But there is something wrong with the programme on my computer – no trumpeters, no notifications, and a frozen screen at the end of each lesson/practice. So I am going to delete myself and come back under another guise, to see if that solves the problem.

I will lose my hundred day streak – but I will never, ever lose my silly streak.

Tioraidh, a chàirdean!

*My Gaelic is better than it was a short while ago.

March 6, 2020



Perhaps try a different browser? An update could be causing errors.


When you come back, let us know it's you! We'd miss you!


Couple of people have noticed this glitch. Doubt it's a Duo program error, more like in your browser. Try clearing the browser cache and/or try another browser.

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