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  5. "Glè mhath, a Nèill."

"Glè mhath, a Nèill."

Translation:Very good, Niall.

March 6, 2020



All Gaelic names have "a" in front of them in the vocative unless they begin with a vowel. (Or with f followed by a vowel as the f becomes silent when it's lenited to fh.)


Why "a neill" and not just "neill"?


I thought that "Neil" was the English version of Nèill. However, Duo marks that as wrong and instead insists on Niall.


Is this just an 'irregular' vocative because you want to avoid vowel soup? You don't lenite because the first letter is N but you need to slenderise and would normally add an i before the 'll'. But that would give you 'Niaill' so it gets pruned and turned into Neill? Or have I made that up?!

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