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"In front of me, there is my father, my mother and my brother."

Translation:أَمامي أَبي وَأُمّي وَأَخي.

March 6, 2020



Is the "wa" before the word mother necessary here?


That threw me off as well. I kept looking for the one without the waaw for my mother lol


Why doesnt this need هناك


For stylistic reasons...

In Arabic, هناك = there is an Adverbial of Place, so if a sentence already contains a (more precise) Adverbial of Place (like أَمامي = in front of me), the use of هناك = there would be seen as redundant. Note that its use shouldn't be considered incorrect, just redundant.


you are right. to translate literally it should have had "هناك".

But to make sound more normal, the English version shouldn't have had "there is" and could have been replaced with "in front of me are my ...".


You're both right, Amine Hadji and Soenix.


Why can't I say ابي وامي وأخي امامي? There were other sentences where you put the first part of the sentence last to avoid using هناك. Why not this one?


You also can remove the "there" in english...it would flow better...and replace "is" with "are"


No commas, lots of "w" hmmmm consistency and all that! 20210203


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