"Naoi coin."

Translation:Nine dogs.

March 6, 2020



Ooo. This was a tough listen.


My biggest problem is that the pronunciation varies from speaker to speaker. For example: it seems that naoi can be pronouced NER-ees, or Nay?


That's quite true in the real world, though, so in that sense it can be useful. It's one thing I appreciate about this Scottish Gaelic track over the other tracks I've done, which tend to be much more consistent. I'd rather struggle in Duolingo and be better armed for real encounters with the language than the other way around.

One of the reasons I often struggle to apply language lessons to the real world is that language lessons rarely do much to prepare you for the variety of pronunciations, ways of speaking, mistakes, contexts, etc., that you encounter.


Also the word dogs. While I understood the female voice, the male speaker's pronunciation sounds like "cog".

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