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  5. "Bidh mi a' cadal Diardaoin."

"Bidh mi a' cadal Diardaoin."

Translation:I will be sleeping on Thursday.

March 6, 2020



“I will sleep on Thursday” wasn't acceptable. Are there two future tenses?


Yes. Just as in English, you use bidh = will be for a continuous action, and the simple verb for a one-off event

Bidh mi a' cadal I will be sleeping
Cadlaidh mi I will sleep

I don't think the simple future would be very common in either language, unless, perhaps, you meant you would have no chance to sleep until Thursday. I am not sure I have ever actually heard cadlaidh mi.

As BhauliyaMoss has just pointed out, the bidh construction has a second meaning as it is used for a habitual action, as confirmed by Joanne above, but you really need an s on the end as it does not mean just one Thursday

I sleep on Thursdays



As far as I understand it, it is either i sleep on Thursday or I will be sleeping.... What you wrote is your translation is way more complicated, it's been explained somewhere else. But please correct me if I've also misunderstood


Could this also mean I sleep on thursdays


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