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How about some longer conversations to listen to.

I love Duolingo, but I realized that I never hear more than one sentence at a time and I can always slow it down. It's not like that in the real world, so it would be great to have some videos we could watch and listen to conversations in real time. Then answering some questions about what was said so we can check and see if we really understood it. I was in Costa Rica and could hardly tell where one word ended and another began, they speak so fast. That's why I started Duolingo. I'm going back and I want to be able to, at least, understand and be able to answer simple questions, or ask directions. I don't feel like I can do that, yet, because I don't have to think on the fly with this course.

May 2, 2013



This reminds me of livemocha. They have short clips of speakers, and then some questions. They have a script that's hidden in both the target language and English. Duolingo might try to incorporate some more conversation/listening/dictation focused practices in the future.


Thanks for the feedback. We are adding some more common phrases soon. I think those will help you in your travels. I'll let the rest of the team know about how you'd like to hear longer conversations.


Great, thanks. Having spent two weeks in Costa Rica, staying with a delightful woman who only spoke Spanish and neither of us speaking more than a few words, I realized that I couldn't understand her, because she would never slow down enough for me to figure out the words, no less their meaning. It would really help to have everyday exchanges to listen to, because, at least in San Jose, almost no-one speaks more than a few words English (except maybe at the tourist traps). Hopefully you can expand to include at least audio, if not audio/video conversations for us to learn from.


I love the phrases how they are right now, perhaps, if you add that, like videos, make them like an extra thing, besides the classes, don't change the phrases, 'cause I love them shorts.


one of the key phrases in every language should be

" I am sorry but can I ask you to slow down, i am trying to learn your lovely language but you are talking too fast for me to understand"

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