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  5. "Cha bu toil leam biadh."

"Cha bu toil leam biadh."

Translation:I would not like food.

March 6, 2020



I thought a previous example was "bu toil leam xxx" When does the sentence begin with "Cha" and why?


Bu toil leam = I would like Cha bu toil leam = I would NOT like, it is the negative form


It is frustrating how sometimes translating 'bu toil leam' as 'I want' instead of 'I would like' is accepted, and sometimes it's not.


really hard to hear this soft voice


sounded like beag to me.


In what context would you say "I would not like food" ... can only think of 'someone offering food to me - and I would RATHER have a drink? ... a better way to say it would be "I would rather NOT have food, thank you" - is this correct (sorry, ìm BAVARIAN) ?!


No need to apologise for a focus on real world language; I think the problem is that the course uses some expressions to demonstrate a grammatical point, rather than vernacular Gaelic you might here in conversation

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