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Duolingo failing to start on iOS 7.1.2

Having been using Duolingo on iPhone 5 for several month with no problem, until today when I attempt to start the app a green splashpage with "Duolingl" shows for a second, then disappears and back to iPhone current apps icon. If I scroll through running apps (only one other running) I can see that Duolingo app is running, but when I try to access it, the lesson screen (happens to be Spanish Occupations Strengthen) shows for a second, then disappear. Trying to quickly tap the screen before it disappears doesn't take me to the lesson or back to lesson menu.

July 13, 2014



I removed it then reinstalled it .its working again


I have just experienced this problem even though it had been working ok for many months. I checked the memory usage and there was very little free memory available (I had a lot of apps opened) so I removed some unused apps from the RAM and DL started working again.

If this us the problem with everyone else then perhaps DL needs to at least display a warning if there is insufficient memory to run.


This is exactly my problem on the iPad mini on iOS 7.1.2. I used it yesterday, no problem, but today is a no-go!


Same problem here too :( on iPhone with iOS 7.1.2.


Same here ipad2 fine yesterday now opening screen comesup then app shuts down


Upon review, I see that I also updated to Duolingo version 4.0.4 on the 12th, just a few days ago. Is this the culprit? Did anyone else having this problem also recently update? I have a ticket in with their helpdesk, but no help so far. Getting close to removing the app and reinstalling..


Yes, I also updated, it worked for 2 days ... then stopped


After waiting a few days for a response from the help people, I did like lance66 did ... removed it and reinstalled it. It loads now, and I didn't lose my achievements.


Me too ... removed and re-installed. It's working so far!

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Same problem here. Thank you! Deleting and reinstalling fixed it, for now at least.


I have now had to re-install it twice! :-( Hope they fix this properly soon.

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