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  5. "chalqach renta' renwI'."

"chalqach renta' renwI'."

Translation:The architect has designed a tower.

March 7, 2020



This was a typing exercise. My first attempt was: "The architect designed a tower." It says the correct answer is what is stated above. I'm still not understanding why the word "has" needs to be there.


Because of the -ta' suffix. The correlation is not exact and there are situations where the translation you have given us is appropriate, but in this course, we require you to show you have accounted for the -ta' (or -pu') suffix by adding "have"/"has"/"had".


Your translation is fine. The -ta' suffix means an action was undertaken and completed, with the additional connotation that it was undertaken deliberately.

The designers of this course decided that it's not enough to translate this properly, but that you have to translate it in a way that shows you noticed the -ta' suffix is there. They believe that using English perfect tenses shows that you've noticed it. Therefore, they artificially require that you translate any Klingon sentences with perfective aspect into English sentences with perfect tenses.

To take this course, you'll have to play along with this artificial restriction. Just remember that as long as your English sentence describes an action that is undertaken and completed, it doesn't actually matter whether it's in a perfect tense or simple past tense.

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