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"Tengo una reunión con la junta mañana."

Translation:I have a meeting with the board tomorrow.

July 13, 2014



I thought a junta was a government led by military leaders.


It's a government formed of a board of military leaders.


"I have a meeting with the dictatorship tomorrow."


"Tomorrow I have a meeting with the committee". Why on earth was that rejected? English often seems to put the time indicator first where Spanish doesn't.


Report this - it should be accepted.


I have a board meeting tomorrow. - Can someone tell me why this is not correct?


You changed the word order, and a meeting with the board is not necessarily the same as a board meeting. I may be a teacher or student that has been called before the board.


Thank you. Good point.


Rspreng is always helpful.


Ok, so how do you say I have a board meeting tomorrow?


If I had to guess, "tengo una reunión de junta mañana".

Unless there's another more specific term for it in Spanish.


But even if you have been called before the board, they are still meeting.


In which case 'attending' a board meeting and 'having' a board meeting are different. The latter conveys that you are on the board, the former conveys that you (most likely) are not.


Having a board meeting does not indicate whether you are on the board or not. You could just as easily be on the board as not. "Having a board meeting" simply means that you are supposed to be there. "Attending a board meeting" means that you were actually present at the meeting which again does not necessarily mean that you are on the board, as you could simply be on the schedule to present something there. At the very least, it will be noticed if you were not there. You are completely right though "a meeting with the board" is usually used when you are not on the board.


finally the correct answer. i did want to take the time to write it.


Thank you for clearing that up.. very confusing for a new learner.


what is the difference between junta and una cita?


Junta is a meeting as in an assembly of people. Cita is a meeting as in appointment (an event marked on your calendar).


Junta is not the meeting, junta is the Board. The meeting is the reunion. this translation is only for the exercise given.


Thanks for clarifying that


elissaf1 clarified nothing. See the comment immediately below. "junta" means "board" (as in group of people). It has no connection with "cita".


elissaf1, that is not the meaning of "junta". You are thinking of "reunión".


I have a meeting with the board tomorrow. Why is this wrong? The error message says I should have written "one" instead of "a". But "I have one meeting with the board tomorrow" sounds ridiculous; my answer was much better English. I don't understand - ??


"I have a meeting with the board tomorrow" was the answer that DL gave me! So it should have been accepted.


I have a meeting with the board tomorrow was accepted for me on 5th Jan 2016


It' s interesting that the Spanish word 'junta' has a derogatory meaning in English in much the same way that 'cartel' does....


"I have a meeting with the dictatorship tomorrow." I couldn't resist putting as my translation! (I remember the 1980's and cointelpro horrors.)


Tomorrow I have a meeting with the committee. What is wrong with that?


It is unusual to place the time indication at the beginning of your sentence in English. This is called inversion: you accentuate the part you put in an unusual place. In Spanish, this also is possible. Mañana, tengo ... .


Unusual but not wrong ;)


The rearranged phrase is not incorrect in sense, but it is inaccurate in construction. Word order is often very important to determine what the intent of the speaker is, and this is a considerable change. But most of all, there is just no need to move the words around simply to discover if the program will accept it.


The problem is: in another question DUO wants the word tomorrow at the beginning, and this confused me.


Could you say tengo una junta con la junta mañana?


Perhaps, though it is more likely that people would say just "Tengo una junta mañana".


Council makes sense in this sentence and is an alternative translation in Collins


I thought junta meant together?


"Junto" is the adjective "together." In the sentence above, the presence of the definite article "la" is a clue that what follows is a noun, "junta," meaning "the board" (as in, an executive committee or governing body).

A caution about what I just said. "La junta" could mean "he/she/it/you-formal joins her (or joins a feminine object)." However, "con la junta" tells us that we should interpret it as "with" + some noun.


"I have a meeting with the council tomorrow." Is "council" wrong?


Can i say i have a board meeting tomorrow. Dulingo marked me wrong.


Read rspreng's comment above. . .


How do we know that mañana here is "tomorrow" and not "morning"?


Morning is 'la mañana', whereas tomorrow is generally 'mañana' or masculine (el mañana).

In the current sentence, mañana is used as an adverb, and it means tomorrow, or you'd need to say 'en la mañana' for in the morning.


Board meeting and metting with the board is the same


My answer, "I have a meeting with the group tomorrow" was rejected with "group" in red + strikethrough. I reported it.


How about 'I have a board meeting tomorrow'? According to my experience, it seems more natural in business conversation.


Sun Kim, read the other comments on this page. A "board meeting" is not the same as "a meeting with the board," either in English or in Spanish!


I have always heard mitin used for a business meeting, rather than reunion. Is there a difference in usage?


What difference does it make if you say I have a board meeting tomorrow or I have a meeting with the board tomorrow? The meaning translates out the same.


SpanishHar2, read the other comments on this page. A "board meeting" is not the same as "a meeting with the board," either in English or in Spanish!


"I have a board meeting tomorrow" In England that is what I would say, but it was rejected


RobinWatte, read the other comments on this page. A "board meeting" is not the same as "a meeting with the board," either in English or in Spanish!


Junta is meeting in Mexico..


why wouldn't council be an acceptable synonym for junta?


What is wrong with group for junta


Seekerofpe, RogerCCristie answered that up the discussion about 13 posts up, at length, with a good source for learning the nuances, about a year ago, which is when Duo says your question was posted. If you get back to the discussion, check it out -- it's very informative. :-)


this sentence does not make sence


Are you talking about the Spanish sentence or the English sentence? What part exactly is giving you trouble?


I have a meeting tomorrow with the board is rejected ?


Have fun talking to a whiteboard


Man I was really hoping "I have a reunion with the military dictatorship of Chile" tomorrow would work but NO


Thanks for the clarification, I was aware of the difference in english but did not know if it was the same in spanish


Tomorrow I have a meeting with the board = Equally correct. This is not a google robot translation.


A junta can also be a council. Council should be accepted.


"The Board" is short for Board of Directors. "The Directors" is also short for the Board of Directors.

"I have a meeting with the directors tomorrow." should be accepted.


The Spanish here uses the word for "board", not the "word" for "directors," so I don't think it's unreasonable for Duo to insist on the word "board" (or its equivalent) in the English.

"Venus", "the morning star", and "the evening star" are the same heavenly object. According to your logic, "Venus is the morning star" and "Venus is the evening star" are identical sentences.

But of course they are not. It took years of astronomical data and theory to establish that the morning star and the evening star are the same object.


I misspelled "tomorrow" and I got this wrong.


Junto = together. Junta = board. Confused.


A "board" (in the sense of "board of directors") is a group of people meeting together. So to me it is not surprising to see that the words "junto" and "junta" are similar. What is it that you find confusing?


I’m not saying that Duo is C.S. But I am saying they have some henhouse ways. Of course, the translation is “I have a meeting” but Duo chose to add “meaning” to the word selections. Yea, I fell into their trap and lost my first heart. I fail to see how that helps me learn Spanish.


One would have less problems if, when available, one would choose to not use the keyboard but rather the word boxes.


In some Spanish speaking countries, in particular in Spain, the board (of directors) is called: "El consejo de administración".


Why can't I say I have a board meeting tomorrow? It sounds more natural in English


A "board meeting" usually means a meeting of members of the board of directors. A "meeting with the board" usually means that a non-director -- either a company employee or someone from outside the company -- is meeting with the directors.


Why is "I have a board meeting tomorrow" wrong?


Please read the other comments on this page. Your question was asked before, and several answers have been offered.


You can say I have a board meeting tomorrow. Duolingo should obviously except that, but it doesn't. ERROR!


There is a difference, in English, between a board meeting and a meeting with the board. Please see the other comments on this page.


Paul Valery … and the word you wanted was 'accept' not 'except'. I fear the errors are in your two sentences here not in DL.


Oh, but they did “except” that in a manner of speaking. Try “accept”.


I have a board meeting tomorrow - this should be accepted!


This should not be accepted, for the reasons already discussed extensively on this page.


"I have a board meeting tomorrow" was not accepted. I don't see anything wrong with that answer.


Please see the earlier comments on this page!


'I have a board meeting tomorrow' is that wrong?


Roger, please see the earlier comments on this page re the difference between 'a board meeting' and 'a meeting with the board'.

[deactivated user]

    according to google I have a board meeting tomorrow is also correct and should be accepted. Duolingo is wrong in not accepting my answer.


    Don't take Google as the last word. Read the comments on this page for the difference between "a board meeting" and "a meeting with the board".

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