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what does the Duolingo exam mean?

I am just about 3/4 the way through the tree. I took the test and the reslult was 2.33/5.0. Is there some bench mark to compare the exam result too?

Some of you care to share your scores?

4 years ago



I finished my tree and decided to take the quiz each week because I have so many lingots, just to see my progress. My scores actually fluctuate each week. The first time I took it I got a 2.77 and my best is a 4.41. I really impressed with the people that take it and get a 5 the first time. I'll be proud of myself when I finally get a 5, but I still struggle with certain skills, so it might be a while. Anyways, really I just like the quiz because it forces me to think and not 'cheat' and I know what I don't know yet throughout the quiz. I can focus on those words and skills and continue to improve. I guess for me the quiz is just another goal for me. I am motivated to continue so I can get a 5 (not that I'll stop after that).

4 years ago

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It's just how well you know the information taught on Duolingo.

I've done four tests so far (first three over two months ago when I first started, and last one three weeks ago --- two months after finishing my tree):

  • 1.09 (I tested out of eight skills on the tree)
  • 2.03 (somewhere in the middle of my tree)
  • 2.33 (think it was right after I finished my tree)
  • 4.41 (after a month and a half of review).

I'll be going over my whole tree then taking the test once more to get 5.00, then goodbye to the Spanish tree and only Immersion from here on out.

4 years ago