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  5. "Won't Calum be there?"

"Won't Calum be there?"

Translation:Nach bi Calum ann?

March 7, 2020



Would "nach bi Calum an-sin" be correct also?


I think it should be, report it if it’s not an accepted answer.


The hover words are misleading. I put 'Nach bi Calum an-sin' to start with and then looked at the hover words to check it. I then inserted the "ann" to read "Nach bi Calum ann an-sin" and of course got it wrong.

This means the "there" in the sentence gets lost doesn't it?

Why do they put extra words in the hover words which are not correct? It is so confusing.


When do they write bi and when bidh?


Is there any rule over when to use ann and when to use an-sin?

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