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"Viele Menschen wollen Sprachen lernen."

Translation:Many people want to learn languages.

July 13, 2014



When do we know it's "will" vs "want to"? This still confuses me.


will in German is want in English wird in German is will in English


For some reason, it won't take "many men". This ought to be fixed. And an attempt at gender neutrality is not a legitimate excuse.


Der Mensch = human, not man in the sense of a person of a masculine gender. "Many men" would be "Viele Männer".


Is it weird to use Menschen here rather than Leute? It sounds weird in English to say humans rather than people.


For those unfortunate few who were thrown by the use of "Sprachen" . The capitol letter means that it is the plural of the work "Sprache" witch means language and not a conjugated form of sprechen. When will I ever learn?

[deactivated user]

    And so DL was founded.


    ich bin einer von denen

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