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"Mi puoi prestare il tuo dizionario?"

Translation:Can you lend me your dictionary?

July 13, 2014



Should 'Can you loan me your dictionary' be counted as correct here?


"Can you loan me your dictionary" was accepted today.


According to the dictionary prestare means loan https://www.google.com/search?q=prestare+in+italian&rlz=1C1NCHB_enUS601US601&oq=prestare+in+italian&aqs=chrome..69i57.6102j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8

i put can you loan me your dictionary and it counted it wrong so I reported it.


In proper english it should be "could you" and not can you, (you have the power to do so but you might not want to do so)


Maybe the subject of the request doesn't have the power to do so. But in order to translate to "could," you need to have some form of the conditional "potere" in the sentence.


can I use "puoi prestarmi ..." ? and what's more common?


Sure, "puoi prestarmi il dizionario?" is more natural (I'm Italian).


I have the impression that prestare is used for "lend" and, with workarounds, for "borrow" which seems kind of odd to a Brit. Is there a more direct way of saying "borrow" with a single verb? Apologies if I've gone mad.


No, there isn't a single Italian word for "borrow", which is just "prendere in prestito".


In england this would be considered very poor English, I'm not sure about the US but would they use " to lend" and "to borrow " as meaning the same thing?


Why is "to me" deemed incorrect? "Me" is the indirect object in this sentence and while we often drop the preposition it's not wrong to include in English.


Were you marked wrong on, "Would you lend your dictionary to me?" Or was it, "Would you lend to me your dictionary?"

Because the second example is bad syntax.


Bro, just use duolingo.


I put "Can you lend your dictionary to me?" and it was incorrect. Wouldn't that be the same thing?


I translated as 'Could you lend me...' which is surely a far more polite (and common?) way of expressing yourself in UK English than saying 'Can you lend me...' It was counted wrong. Hmm, better skip politeness next time.


You'll cover this when you get to the conditional tense. "Could you..." is different from "can you..." for exactly the reasons you expressed, and you'd need to use "potresti" to get that meaning here.

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You are absolutely right that it would be more polite, however in that case the original sentence would have been: potresti prestarmi il tuo dizionario


I was rejected for hearing 'Me' instead of 'Mi'. Suddenly I realise I do not know the rule (if any) for this.

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