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Work Topic is too hard for me

Dear Duoligo, I have gone through Checkpoint 1 with 10 minutes of work every day......until I got to the Work Topic. Four vocabularies and so many new terms and verbs. Whereas I used to make no errors or one maximum per session, I am now making 3 errors and showing clear avoidance behaviour. If others find this Topic similarly difficult can it please be split into Work part a and Work part b? I am keen to hear how others fared after passing through the first Checkpoint.

March 7, 2020



The thing to do is practice more. You can do this on your duome page--use the little dumbbell link on the right of the Work line.

Or you might try letting the Work skill sit for a while, going on to new material, then coming back to Work later.

SamHunter20 is right: don't take a skill all the way to level 5 all at once. Try going through many lessons at one level--from a checkpoint's worth to the whole language tree--and then doubling back. You need the repetition for long-term memory.

You wrote: It makes a difference to my ego. I hate making errors because it shows my lack of understanding. Get used to the idea that you will make plenty of errors. That's just the way learning a language works.

. . . Also, for material that is difficult, you might try writing out the sentences longhand, on paper, paying close attention as you do so. Say them aloud as you write them.

[Added] And you might consider more than 10 minutes a day of practice. If 10 minutes is all you can do at once, try reviewing later on in the day for another 10 minutes. (FWIW, I like 1/2 hour to an hour or more per day, but that is definitely not necessary, although it does make for faster progress.)


I have never tried your approach. I normally go through all the levels and then practice them all the way back to the intro once a week for the repetition. But, I may give your method a try as another way of achieving practice of new learning. I have been born as a guy who hates making any mistakes. It's in my nature I am the guy who holds his head in dismay at missing a goal. I should be more sanguine but I honestly am wired to hate making errors. As a teacher though, I am very understanding with children who make mistakes...as I should be.

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