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"Nach e neach-frithealaidh sgoinneil a th' annad?"

Translation:Aren't you a brilliant waiter?

March 7, 2020



This comes across really condescending in English. Does it have the same tone in Gaelic?


Not condescending to me, living in UK and US and originally Scottish. I don't quite understand.


Could be Canadian English. I asked a few other Canadians and they had the same reaction.
A negative question implies asking for a positive answer. Asking someone to given themselves a compliment rather than you giving the compliment has the implication that they have a higher opinion of themselves than you have of them. ie. "I think you did a good job" as opposed to "You think you did a good job, don't you?"

There's also the fact that "Brilliant" is not used in Canadian English the way it's used in British English. That's going to make this use sound more shady.


Yes, I find it odd that Duolingo insists on "brilliant" as the translation of "sgoinneil" and at the same time always insists it is dealing in US English.


Coud also be said encouragingly.


it seems to be whenever I click on a tile with a hyphenated word on it, it gets marked as wrong. The two parts of the word always have to be entered separately - why?

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