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  5. "Zucker ist süß."

"Zucker ist süß."

Translation:Sugar is sweet.

May 2, 2013



So Mark Zuckerberg's last name is literally Sugarmountain?


Every time I get the word sweet in a lesson, I fail cause my phone won't type the german word


Try holding 's'. On my phone, ß doesn't appear on either of the symbol keyboards, but if I hold the 's/@' I get a menu popup offering @, ß, and three east-European accented-s characters...


If you type 'ss' it should be accepted because ß=ss


Add the german keyboard to your phone! And hold the s key to get the ß


put a double i.e. suss or just acquire a german keyboard


suss is not a German word -- if you can't type süß, then you need suess and not suss.


I don't have that character therefore I'm using ss


Hold down "s" on ur keyboard Or add Deutsch language


How do you do the B thing????


To make an ß:

On a phone or tablet: try long-pressing the S key.

On a Windows PC: try holding down Alt, typing 0223 on the number pad (not the row of digits above the letters), then letting go of Alt. (Or installing a German keyboard layout -- ß will be to the right of the 0 key.)

As a workaround, you can also try replacing it with ss.


Using MS word, you can type German alphabets easily. "To access the umlauted vowels (ö, ü, ä) use the following keyboard shortcuts.  Hold down the "ctrl" and "shift" keys then hit  " ; "  (semicolon).  Let up on all keys, then type the vowel you want.  If you want upper case:  Hold down the "ctrl" and "shift" keys, then hit  " ; " (semicolon), then hit the vowel key.  When you let up on the keys, the upper case vowel will appear.  To access the "ß", hold the the "ctrl" and "shift" keys then hit  "&".  Let up on all keys, then type "s"." In addition to the above note from ucdenver.edu, the same can be done with^,`,',~ to achieve accented characters used in other languages.


Hold down on s or put ss or downlaod the german keyboard


So how do u pronounce zucker? Su-k-er?


The orange tastes good. I put die orange smeckt gut, but the answer is die orange ist lecker. Why is smeckt not correct?


Why is smeckt not correct?

Because the correct spelling is schmeckt.


Why isn't "sugar's sweet" accepted? I mean, it's perfectly acceptable as in English, although unusual.


Probably because of the contraction.

Duolingo automatically handles the most common contractions such as "I'm, he's, don't, we'll", but it doesn't automatically handle contractions involving nouns.

So things such as "sugar's" or "mother'll" would have to be entered by hand by the course maintainers as alternatives before they would be accepted.

For this reason, I recommend that you avoid contractions involving nouns on Duolingo.


...and so are you! (Get it?)


Rosen sind rot,
Veilchen sind blau,
dass ich dich liebe
weiß ich genau!


Is it just me, or is she pronouncing süß as "Zeus", like the Greek god? Is that correct? Feels off to me.


is she pronouncing süß as "Zeus", like the Greek god? Is that correct?

No. The vowel should be /y:/ -- a sound that does not occur in (most accents of) English at all.


I meant that the S is being pronounced like a Z. Are S's pronounced as Z's if they're in the beginning of a word?


I meant that the S is being pronounced like a Z.

Ah, I see.

Are S's pronounced as Z's if they're in the beginning of a word?

s is pronounced /z/ when it is at the beginning of any syllable before a vowel.

So, at the beginning of most words, but also in the middle of words when between two vowels or otherwise at the beginning of a syllable before a vowel

Before a consonant at the beginning of a syllable, sp- and st- sound like schp- and scht-, respectively. In loanwords before other consonants (e.g. Skala), the s is pronounced as a /s/. (In native words before other consonants, the s generally turned into sch; compare German schmal "narrow" with English "small" or German schlau "clever" with English "sly".)


Boy. It might be simpler to just memorize on a case-by-case basis, haha (coincidentally, I did naturally pronounce some 'st' and 'scht' S's, probably from growing up hearing German from my grandparents!)

Thanks for the explanation! It does make sense, it's just difficult to fully wrap my head around.


I can't spell süß the (ß) so my spelling is wrong, ugh


I can't spell süß

You can write it as suess.


Sometimes I feel like Duolingo has no mercy. Typing "us" instead of "is" should not count as a mistake.


If a typo results in a real word, then Duo considers it a mistake.

"us" is a real English word, but the wrong one in this context, so it assumes that you typed this real word on purpose, rather than your finger slipping.


Should it be "süß" or "suß"? I wrote "suß" and Duolingo said that "süß" was another correct solution, that's why I'm asking, if "süß" is the only correct one then Duolingo should have corrected my mistake saying that it was wrong.


Only süß is correct German; suß is not a word.

if "süß" is the only correct one then Duolingo should have corrected my mistake saying that it was wrong.

Duolingo seems to ignore missing umlaut dots sometimes, perhaps to "help" learners who can't easily make the letters ä ö ü and don't know about the replacement spellings ae oe ue.

I'm afraid there's nothing anybody who reads this page can do about this aspect of Duolingo. If you wish, you could report this behaviour as a bug: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-

Keeping vowels with and without umlaut apart is important in German (e.g. schon and schön are completely different words), so I agree that would be an improvement; many learners would disagree. I'm not sure whether Duolingo is going to change this behaviour.


OK, thank you for your help and the clarification.


why can't it be : the sugar is sweet


This isn't French, you can't just pull an article out of nowhere.


Caz there is no "der"


Same. On my phone when I want to translate a sentence the funny looking letters are not there so I end up getting the question wrong


Try long-pressing the "base letter" (A O U S); you will probably get a pop-up window with accented/modified forms of the letter that will let you select Ä Ö Ü ß, respectively.


Can i spell süß as zues?


No, but you can spell it as suess on this course if you can't make the ü or ß letters.

(If you're on a mobile device, though, try long-pressing the U and S keys to access ü and ß, respectively.)

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