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  5. "The sheep is eating grass."

"The sheep is eating grass."

Translation:Tha a' chaora ag ithe feur.

March 7, 2020



Don't fully understand when to lenite something that appears to be singular.


It's a feminine noun with the definite article. This is actually literally doing my head in and I have printouts of two separate crib sheets purporting to explain it but I'm sure I'll never remember it.

But the explanation for this is in the Tips and Notes for the "Animals" skill. A feminine noun beginning with a C is in "category 1" which form the definite article by taking a' and lenition. There are four categories. That is in addition to the three categories of masculine nouns that do different things to form the definite article. Even the categories are different. I hope you have better luck mastering this than I'm having.


I thought a'chaora was plural? So wouldn't that translate as The sheep are eating...?


"Tha a'chaora ag ithe" means "Tha sheep (sing.) is eating" The plural form would be "Tha na caoraich ag ithe"


Now appears a new form without any explanation? I'm beggining of be tired of that course, we have to imagine 99% of the things


Are you reviewing the 'Tips' for each lesson? People who are using the Duolingo app won't see them, so often don't know about them. You can see them here. https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd


I feel like to cry… I arrive to the half of the course without know that table exists…


So sorry! I never use the Duolingo app. I use my browser (Chrome) to get to Duolingo on my Android tablet or phone. That way tips are available at each lesson. An added advantage is I'm never bothered with hearts that people find frustrating.


You might also want to join the Facebook group 'Scottish Gaelic Duolingo'. Often helpful answers from native speakers. Sometimes quite funny. We joke about Iain who steals underpants! It's here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ScottishGaelicDuo/?ref=share

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