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"I am seeing a big grandfather."

Translation:Tha mi a' faicinn seanair mòr.

March 8, 2020



When would you use seanair vs sheanair?


You use "seanair" when talking about the grandfather. When you are addressing him directly it has to turn into the vocative case which is "a sheanair".

There is a basic explanation of this in the Tips and Notes for the "Phrases" skill (the second one on the tree), and then a much more detailed explanation further down the tree with the "Names" skill (the 19th skill).


Thank you! I usually use the app and miss a lot of the notes.


I don't think you can really understand this course if you don't use the notes. I started a Gaelic class last week and a bunch of people were telling the teacher how you just had to guess until you hit the right answer and I was thinking that's not right I've done the whole tree and I wasn't guessing, but they didn't even seem to know about the notes.

If you're having trouble accessing them from the individual skills, the whole lot are here on one page for easy reading. https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd


Tapadh leat! Having the tips all in one place is amazing.


In additon to what Morag Kerr said, you also use "sheanair" after the possessive pronouns "mo / do / a" (my / your (singular) / his), although not after the others ("a / ar / ur / an" - her /our/ your (plural) / their), and after the few adjectives which precede, rather than follow, a noun.


to Morag_Kerr: thank you for the link

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