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  5. "Do you like Greece?"

"Do you like Greece?"

Translation:An toil leat a' Ghrèig?

March 8, 2020



Another sentence in the course, "An toil leat a' Ghreig?" has no accent over the e in Ghreig. Which is correct, or is either acceptable?


Accent is preferred. If you spot the one without the accent probably good to report. It will accept without but with a note about accents.


Don't report it :) It's a fix that we're making from Tree 1 > Tree 2, so for the time being both will show. It ought to be a' Ghrèig - with the accent.


If you hover over "Greece" in the english sentence it doesn't show an accent, and when I put an accent in a different example it told me i had a spelling error, so I'm thinking that the correction about the accent here is in error


The hover shows an accent for me. So perhaps that got fixed.

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