"The knife is good."

Translation:El cuchillo es bueno.

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When do you use "bueno" instead of "buen?"

5 years ago


Bueno follows a word; buen is used before. As I understand it, they have the same meaning--just a quirk of the language. El cuchillo bueno = El buen cuchillo = The good knife.

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why bueno and not bien?

5 years ago

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I'm under the impression "bien" usually means "well" or "fine". So to say "El cuchillo es bien" = "The knife is fine" might be some thing you say after you accidentally drop the knife off a 100 foot cliff, recover it and find it in great shape. "Well" of "fine" is about health. "Good" is about character or a quality. A respected brand name quality knife is "good". This issue is clouded by the fact most of us use fine/well/good as synonyms. Who knows if Spanish does it the same informally as we do. But my experience on duolingo is use "bien" mainly for "well" or "fine".

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bueno is an adjective, bien is an adverb. Here good is an attribute to cuchillo >> adjective >> bueno

5 years ago


Bien can be an adjective too..

4 years ago


I looked up "knife" on a translation program to check the spelling and it showed cuchilla (f), not cuchillo. Anyone else seen it represented as feminine?

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dict.leo.org says that el cuchillo, la cuchilla, el medidor, and la tajadera are all translations for the knife.

4 years ago


Duolingo also accepts la cuchilla for "the kinfe," but it doesn't always work. It probably should work in this case. report it.

4 years ago


If this is true than my answer, "La cuchilla es buena" should have been correct.

4 years ago


how about bien?

4 years ago


El cuchillo está/es bueno

In this case those both are correct but they have a slight difference meaning

Es cuchillo está bueno means the knife is good conditions, it can be used, the knife works, for example: if you use this knife to cut a very very tough meat, perhaps the knife will cut it but with a tremendous difficult but it will cut it.(the knife works)

EL cuchillo es bueno = this means that the knife is skillful in its task ( to cut) so we will use this knife to cut the tough meat which was cut very difficultly with the other one(ESTá bueno). The result is that we cut it the meat very easily due to this knife that Es bueno ( quiza es bueno porque es más filoso que el cuchillo que ESTÁ bueno)

2 years ago
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