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Feedback for gamification

Hello Duolingo programmers,

I'm a user of your Duolingo. I think the site is great. You have a lot to develop and the stress is probably burdensome.

I'd like to suggest a feature, which should be pretty simple to add.

Benefits of this feature, keeping the power users happy.

It seems you 'top out' at level 25. Take this cap off. Have you ever played an RPG and made level 100? Yeah, it's almost impossible and takes a lifetime. Why don't you follow those levels of difficulty.

Like 20+ means your are competent. But 40 means you are a good translator. 60 means something else. 80 means omg!!! you are amazing. 100....you are in the best of the world of translators.

You can easily change the meaning of each level but...the spirit of the suggestion is to keep the gamification going. Make things difficult...but at a sliding scale.

You are adding a lot of content to be translated. A lot hasn't been touched. Find ways to let the users take control of the translations. Even before you integrate suggested translations (I know this is a different feature request) but....this is me trying to explain the spirit of my original suggestion.

Creating an incentive system that goes past level 25 (to 100) with a sliding scale of advancement, as you have already done with levels 1-25.

I know you are evolving as time goes on. So, maybe just have level 50 be the new top, until you can figure things out when someone gets there. Or even some other idea that is focused on encouraging the deep time investment that is translating.

You guys have a system, like Wikipedia, that people would be willing to spend their LIVES on. Encourage this (by adding more levels). This is your business model!!!

FYI, I'm not one of these people but I do like seeing the progress I make. Capping it...is not a good idea.

Thanks and keep up the hard work. It's a thankless job and hopefully you guys stay afloat to become profitable soon!

Best wishes.

August 4, 2012


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