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What’s wrong with this?

الحنفية في المطبخ مكسورة This sentence is marked as incorrect, I’m struggling to see what’s wrong with it and the “correct “ version looks remarkably similar

March 8, 2020



اَلْحَنَفِيّة في اُلْمَطْبَخ صَغيرة.

The Faucet in the kitchen is small.


Now just change small to broken


In some sentences they try to teach you the assimilation between a word ending with a vowel and AL. Then there will be two versions of the word almaTbach: ﭐلمطبخ and اَلمطبخ

In your example you would need to choose: ﭐلمطبخ


Not sure where small comes into it, still can’t see what’s wrong with my attempt, maybe it’s just a Duolingo glitch


it should mean the tap in the kitchen is broken is that what it said


Yes, that’s the translation but I’ve tried several times to enter the correct Arabic translation and each time it has been marked incorrect. I’ve used the words for tap, kitchen and broken separately in different sentences and, each time, no problem

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