"Aon rathad."

Translation:One road.

March 8, 2020



Anyone else finding it infuriating when it says "you typed in English not Gaelic" when what you actually did was not know the Gaelic? I knew Aon but forgot rathad and tried various things, but couldn't get past that message until I hit on something wrong enough... But Aon is not English, so why did it take so long?


I've never had that message. Are you on the web site or the mobile app?

I actually do that quite often, when I get a "type what you hear" question and stupidly translate it instead of transcribing it, but all I get is a "wrong answer" flag.


Android app. It only happens in Gaelic, too, never in any of the other languages I do.


Ah, I've never tried the Android app, I just use the web site on my Android phone, because I've heard some fairly negative things about the app. Sounds like you found another negative thing!

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