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  5. "We visit your market."

"We visit your market."

Translation:Forum vestrum visitamus.

March 9, 2020



Is "forum tui visitamus" correct - we visit your (singular) market?


For the adjective tuus to work, we have to make sure it matches in case, number, and gender. Forum is neuter and here accusative so we have to use tuum.


Thanks, Moopish. I know it's accusative for your market but I could find the word for "your" in Latin. Is there a site I can refer to?


Why "vestrum" and not "vostrum"?


While both do occur in literature, vestrum seems to be more common than vostrum, based on searching both with PHI Latin Texts.

I think all grammar text books I have on Latin teach forms of vester instead of voster so I suspect Duolingo is just doing the same. I hope it doesn't just outright reject vostrum, that likely would at least be marked as a misspelling since they differ by only one letter.


Your means tuus or vostrus for there are no différences in English between the second person singular or plural

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