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  5. "Tha thu gu math fallain."

"Tha thu gu math fallain."

Translation:You are really healthy.

March 9, 2020



"You are really well" wasn't accepted but that would be the normal way of saying that in English, "You are really healthy" is only something your doctor would say after a check-up...


If you have given an answer you genuinely think is correct and it has been marked wrong, report it under the "my answer should be accepted" category so the mods can decide. However I suspect they don't want to use "really well" as an answer here because of the possible confusion with "gu doigheal".


TBH, you're really healthy sounds more normal to me as a US English speaker, if I'm describing someone's usual condition. You're really well sounds more like I'm affirming that you're totally recovered from an illness.


I note also that "fallain" is being variously translated as "healthy" and "fit". Maybe there isn't a distinction in Gaelic but physiologically there's a huge difference. Someone can be perfectly healthy and still athletically unfit.


Is this a kind of slang phrase with fit? Or does it really mostly mean healthiness and being physically fit?

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