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[OPINION] One week studying Latin.

I've been study many Romance languages before, Such as Portuguese, Spanish, French, and now Latin. For the first time. I found the course interesting having good content and the tips working well to explain the lesson that I'd study.

The intro and greetings lessons introduced me fastly to the language, and the tip for the plural lesson is effortless to learn.

I found many cognates words, with English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Where some of them.

Filii son in Latin, is similar to filho in Portuguese.

Matre Mother in Lain, remember me, Mother, in English, Madre Madre in Spanish, Mère from French, Mãe from Portuguese.

The word student in Latin is Discipulo. And those languages the Jesus' followers are called in derived words from Discipulo, like Disciple in English, y discipulo in Spanish, and Portuguese.

I'll still learning Latin during March. It's my monthly challenger. And at the end of the month, I'll write more about my Latin studies.

March 9, 2020



Nice! When I study Latin it reminds me of familiar words in other languages! Thanks for the post!


there are a lot of familiar words, almost all if you had studied Romance languages.


Don't stop after March ends.


Gratias ago tibi :)


Yes! That's one of the reasons I find Esperanto so easy; I learn latin and german at school and between them I have surprising amounts of preexisting vocab! Good luck with latin - I really enjoy learning it :) If you have trouble with endings, it can help to write out conjugation / declension tables and learn to say them aloud - it is very technical but it helps SO much.

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