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  5. "Bye, friends. See you later."

"Bye, friends. See you later."

Translation:Tìoraidh, a chàirdean. Chì mi a-rithist sibh.

March 9, 2020



Can't 'a-rithist' come at the end of the sentence like this: 'Chì mi sibh a-rithist'?


It would be understood, but the convention for this particular idiom is to put it after the mi. That being said, there's a lot of hits for your version on google so they may be interchangeable. But language courses tend to use the version Duo has.


Technically a-rithist means 'again' but in this context it does mean later because I'll see you again can only mean I will see you later unless you have a TARDIS.


It's not a 100% word for word translation into English.

In English we can say either "I'll see you later", or "I'll see you again". In Gaelic if you were to literally say "I'll see you later" you would be inferring something along the lines of seeing someone later that day. We say "I'll see you again".


Well yes. Word for word translations of Gaelic into am Beurla would not work well at all.

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