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please help translating these sentences

Hey, please help me translate these sentences:

أنا هو الورقة الرابحة للمدرب مصطفى الخلفي

أنت هو الشخص

ستكون أنت هو

هي هو اليوتيوبر الروسي “فيتالي

ما يحفزنا نحن هو دوري أبطال أوروبا

Thank you very much!

March 9, 2020



Is this for a homework assignment? Because you should try to do those yourself, don't cheat. Maybe someone can help you with checking your work, but not doing it for you.


I don't think so .. because most of them are fake


Most these sentences don't make sense! Are they just jumbles of words or are these sentences?

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