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"لَيْسَ عِنْدي مُشْكِلة في ٱلْغُرْفة."

Translation:I do not have a problem in the room.

March 9, 2020



What is this supposed to mean? Technically, the translation is an English sentence, but it's meaningless.


Exactly. The sentences they have chosen in the Arabic programmes sometimes dont make sense such as the fast teacher or the fast engineer. I am quite disappointed with the Arabic program in Duoligo. Maybe I am not an absolute beginner in this language. I think it might be suitable for some people who want to learn more words


my answer is the same as the model answer and it said i was wrong??


I love this phrase, and your sense of humour in general, DL!


I do not have a problem with the room is something you would say. Sorry my brain was just using logic.

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