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Pronunciation of 'màthair'

I've been learning Scottish Gaelic using the app and https://cuhwc.org.uk/page/unofficial-guide-pronouncing-gaelic which so far seems the friendliest and most comprehensive online guide to pronunciation rules. I'm puzzled over the soft-th sound at the end of "màthair" . I can't see a rule that explains it so wondered if anyone know where the "th" comes out of "air"

Tapadh leat!


March 10, 2020



Final "r" is often pronounced "th" . Just the way it is. Stronger in some dialects.


I've noticed it a lot with "air".


the 'th' sound is one of the variants of what is called a slender r and can vary from a kind of r followed by a short yi sound to a gentle version of 'th' as in 'thin' to a heavier 'th' as in 'that' - the i before the r is what tells you to slenderise the r. So when you see 'air' at the end of the word you know to expect a slender r, and when you see, e.g. 'ar' at the end of the word you know to expect a 'normal' (in Scottish English terms) r.


Thanks everyone. I wondered if it was a kind of slenderized consonant. Thanks for your help

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