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'Tap The Pairs' Error

Often i am left with the last two items and they are come up as an error. It then becomes impossible to go forward so I have to exit the qiuz. (I know some Hini haveing lived in error the choices are right the but the software refuses to recognise them). I cant seem to upload the screen shot on my phone (I use the app rather than my computer). It is frustrating as Hindi is the only language that I have experienced this issue with om Duolingo ... and it happens regularly.

Is anyone else experiecing the problem?

March 10, 2020



This seems to be an issue some people are facing with the 'Letters' exercises. Hopefully, the bug will be fixed soon but until then, the only workaround would be to clear the 'Letters' lessons on the website. You can also do this by visiting duolingo.com on your phone's browser.


When I can't get thru I try timed practice and get thru it may work for you too

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