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  5. "Do these pants suit me?"

"Do these pants suit me?"

Translation:mu'IHmoH'a' yopwaHvam?

March 10, 2020



I'm still confused a lot when I see -moH, should I just think of 'IHmoH as "suit" and move on here...


There is a sentence in The Klingon Dictionary: Du'IHchoHmoH mIvvam This helmet suits you. It would be literally translated this helmet causes you to become beautiful, but that kinda-sorta means the same thing. TKD was written to resemble a traveler's introduction to a new language, and those kinds of books are always written with goofy sentences that sound awkward, so Okrand intentionally added some.

This course tends to ape Okrand's colloquialisms without explaining why they're going with such a loose translation. This is one of those sentences.

'IHmoH means cause to be beautiful. If a translation would be more natural with suit or anything else, then use it. It's not the exact words you choose that's important; it's whether you get across the right concept.


Catching the English sentence quickly and subconsciously before reading it carefully has triggered an image to form in my mind of a Klingon in a pants suit.


Gotta add the '80s shoulder pads and hair to that image.

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