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  5. "Chan eil peathraichean agam."

"Chan eil peathraichean agam."

Translation:I do not have sisters.

March 10, 2020



How on earth does piuthar change to peathraichean??? Are there any 'rules' like iu changes to ea etc?


See the Hints and Tips attached to the "Travel" skill. There are some regular plural formations given there but it says peathraichean is just an irregular one.

Am I guilty of the sin of pride for being smug that I can spell that one without looking?


I have done a (very) long examination of the ending of this word on another page.


Yes. Yes you are.


Yes, but pride is a human emotion that motivates us to do things like learn languages.


And such tricky and lovely ones, at that! At least tricky if you're new to them and your native language is very different, ja


Guilty of the sin of pride, perhaps. Awesome, sure.


Yes. Very smug indeed.


This is one of the oddest words in Gaelic. It comes from Old Irish siur, plural sethra, sethracha and others. Some words just don't like to behave. It is related to the words for sister in other languages that begin with an s such as soeur and Schwester.


I do not have any sisters marked as wrong....surely that is better English!


Yes. The Welsh course specifically teaches that some or any should be added to the English as appropriate, in the same way that a/an should be other situations. They seem to have forgotten this second part in the design of the Gaelic course although they do allow a/an to be added where appropriate. They will presumably change it in due course. But they only do that if they get feedback so please report this as 'my answer should be accepted.

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