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"Hello Iain and Anna, come in."

Translation:Halò Iain agus Anna, thigibh a-steach.

March 10, 2020



I get no audio for thigibh. Anyone else?


Do you have to pluralise the imperative form of the verb? i thought that was just a formalism that you did in some cases?


It depends on how many people you are talking to. You always need to use the plural imperative ending if you are talking to more than one person, regardless of how formal/familiar/respectful you are being. If you're talking to only one person and you would usually use thu with them, you don't use the ending, if you're talking to only one person and you would usually use sibh with them, you have to use the plural ending.


Previous posts have told me to write thigibh a steach and accepted it, but this time I was marked wrong for not writing thigibh a-steach. Is the hyphen truly that important? Is there an actual difference between these meanings?

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