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Arabic vocabulary

I don't know the meaning of most of the words I'm using ad I find the dictionary doesn't work well for me. Am I supposed to be guessing all the time at this stage? (I'm at level 2 of descriptions near the beginning.)Thanks

March 10, 2020



The arabic course has a lot of fake words, without meaning, that are only used to learn reading and listening.
Here you can find a list of all fake and real words the course teaches. If it's a real word it shows the meaning too.


Thanks for your help. I'll have a look at the list.


Use this dictionary: https://www.almaany.com/en/dict/ar-en/

It has expansive explanations.

Anyway, bilingual dictionaries don't contain sufficient explanation, only direct translations. You need an Arabic - Arabic dictionary which I doubt you could use at this level. So, hang in there, and ask here to get help from native duolingo members.


Hi!! The dictionary that Soenix had sent is so great.. Also, I'm Arabian, if you needed anything just ask me please.. I'd be happy to help!


Thank you all so much for the help! This is a most useful forum and very encouraging! I'll look into all of this. Thanks again


I would really appreciate your help with translating something into English from Arabic. Could you help me?

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