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Be awhile...

When I first started I didn’t expect to go very far. I stopped using Duolingo for about half a year, I think. Now I’ve come back, and surprisingly remember all I’ve learned. Or at least, most of it. While Latin is a hard language to learn, I remember how fun it is to learn a language with Duolingo. Always trying to get as high as possible on the leaderboard. Not to mention the daily streaks. So all in all, I’m glad to be back!

March 10, 2020



Welcome back! Don't use Duolingo just for the leaderboards, you won't remember much because your main focus is getting high in the leaderboard.

If you're really interested in learning Latin, use other sources and at least keep a notebook with you. :)


I feel like the leaderboard helps me remember and creates a fun incentive to do as much as possible.

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