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Big Fat Members of Parliament!

I'm on Level 3 "About Me" - "ann am" and "ann an". I understand there is a rule as to which is used with following words starting with certain letters. Can someone tell me which letters are considered to be in the category BFMP - which would then require "ann am"? Thanks Gordon

March 11, 2020



Just those 4 letters. This is on the tips if you use a browser. Unfortunately the app lacks tips.


Ivitcyex - Thanks for your response. And that is what I thought. But I had an instance where that rule didn't seem to apply and I was given an "error" response to my answer! I'm having difficulty in finding the "error report" but will persevere.


Just a guess, but was it maybe anns an/ anns a' (in the) rather than ann am/ ann an (in a)? In that case, the bfmp rule doesn't apply - ann am banca, ann am frids, ann am margaid and ann am pàirc, but anns a' bhanca, anns an fhrids, anns a' mhargaid and anns a' phàirc.

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