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[deactivated user]

    I am new to Latin entirely, no prior experience. Am I constructing adjectives correctly? Thank you,

    Femina parva / The small woman Vir parvus / The small man

    Puella magna est sed puer quoque magnus est. / The girl is large but the boy is also large

    March 11, 2020



    Sounds good to me!


    You will also encounter plenty of nouns that end neither in -a nor -us; nonetheless, their gender will be apparent: Mater est parva. Pater quoque est parvus. (The mother is small. The father also is small.) Notice it's the underlying gender (mater and femina are both FEM. nouns, hence they use the adj. parva for "small"; pater and vir are both MASC. nouns, hence they use the adj. parvus for "small") and not, say, the ending on the noun that makes the noun "agree" with its adjective.


    The/A woman is small( Femina parva)The/A small man( Vir parvus)The/A girl, too, is great, but the/a boy is also great.(Puella magna est sed puer quoque magnus est.)

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