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New Latin Courses / Duolingo Stories

Hey guys, I've just seen a post from Duolingo on Facebook and they ask to comment to win Duolingo Plus! (10.03.) Maybe there are some of you who are interested in Duolingo stories or more content for latin, you could COMMENT IT on the post! Maybe they notice the interest in the courses and they provide some new material!

March 11, 2020



One day we will get some meaty exposition on how that parrot acquired liquor!


Thanks for the link. (I never look at Facebook and would have missed it; I don't need PLUS, but it's interesting that Duo is offering this.)

While you are waiting for more Latin material from Duo, you could try the first few readings mentioned in the discussion here, which start about where Duo currently leaves off.


I am affraid it is not a good idea to create stories in Latin using only of the present tenses.


There is no reason you cannot have stories only in the present tense. Many of the common Latin textbooks have the first dozen or so chapters written only in the present.

There is also no reason the past tense couldn't be introduced in stories.


They should create some with all tenses and more words.

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