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  5. "The man eats fried chicken."


"The man eats fried chicken."

May 2, 2013



I had to translate into Italian the sentence: The man eats fried chicken. I wrote: l'uomo mangia UN pollo fritto. Duolingo said it should be: l'uomo mangia IL pollo fritto. Can someone explain why my version is wrong ?


Sometimes it helps more to think what an Italian might think rather than try to justify the way we would say it. ;) Even to think about how you might hear an Italian speak the phrase in English. In the above example I can just hear "The man, he eatsa the fried chicken" In this way IL pollo comes more naturally than trying to make it fit with what we think should be right.


the english translation doesn't have "the" in it so why does the italian translation have to have it?! it was my last question and i had to start over. ugh.

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