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  5. "làmh ghoirid agus beul mòr"

"làmh ghoirid agus beul mòr"

Translation:a short hand and a big mouth

March 11, 2020



Sounds a bit like a poker analogy for bluffing


Is this a random combination or a Gaelic saying?


Nope, just a random phrase.


I wondered the same thing, as it has a certain ring to it.


I didn't find anything in the dictionary that often has phrases. I think it's just demonstrating which are masculine and feminine.


I think it's a random combination. It does not appear to be a Gaelic phrase, nor would I ever say this. There are two types of short hand I can think of, but neither would go with a big mouth:


and this


What I was wondering. Thanks for the laugh.


Inquiring minds want to know!


I didn't get counted off for missing the "h". I wish we had access to the tips on our phones and tablets as well :/


You can go to the Duolingo site using your phone browser: https://duolingo.com You'll need to log in the first time. When you open a lesson on the tree, you'll see a Tips choice as well as the Practice choice.

IMO the Duolingo site makes the tips a lot easier to copy into a notes file or print out than the excessively formatted duome.eu site.


You can always go to https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd, even on a phone.


I would think a short hand is one that does not give readily.


Therefore, someone who talks a lot, but is not very helpful. Hey, we just invented an aphorism!


Meal do naidheachd


Along these lines, in our favorite horse racing town the saying is "You can't come here with short arms and long pockets."


no reference to any politician is intended I am sure


Ignorant question but why is there an "h" in ghoirid?


It can often be difficult to relate what it says in the notes to what you see here, so you are not alone in being confused by these things - it is a combination of three things that are each mentioned in the notes:

  1. Làmh is feminine singular
  2. That causes lenition of the following adjective
  3. Lenition is shown by inserting the h and the pronunciation changes.

This may seem horrendous but you will quickly get used to it. After that the logic will soon be reversed to

  1. There's an h
  2. So lenition has occurred
  3. So làmh is feminine (make mental note)

Eventually this will become automatic and you will learn the genders without even noticing.


Is dòcha nach e seanfhacal a th' ann... ach bha còir e a bhith ann.

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