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"Aren't you a musician now? Yes."

Translation:Nach e neach-ciùil a th' annad a-nis? 'S e.

March 11, 2020



This question had the word tiles to choose from, and I selected the response exactly as indicated but was marked as having a typo without the apostrophe after 'th'. I still got the answer correct, however, when word tiles are provided, there should either be an apostrophe included with 'th' or it shouldn't be marked as having a typo when there is no way to add one in, unless I use the keyboard and type the whole response in fully. I have had this exact same thing happen in the course previously, and while I was not penalized in any way, it's still irksome to get told I have a typo when it's not my fault. /end whinge


This is a recognised bug in Duolingo, related to the way it treats apostrophes in the software. It is explained in the notes. (To avoid the problem, turn off the word tiles using the "make harder" option.)


I've just now had another lesson with the same situation (word tiles and a response requiring 'th') and there was no typo recognized for doing the same thing. It seems random which times it's decided to mark it as a typo and which it's not. I'd rather not have to turn off the tiles until I'm more experienced in certain subjects though, but thanks for the suggestion. I didn't see this marked as a bug in any notes either, FWIW, and I check each lesson.


"Certain exercises in the course involving tiles often render words like a’ faireachdainn as: a faireachdainn This is due to how the code reads the apostrophe, and is a problem shared with other courses. Duolingo staff are working on a fix. The correct form with an apostrophe should always appear first - but please bear this in mind when tile challenges appear."

From the notes for the "Weather" skill.

We also know Duolingo doesn't always flag up single-letter errors or accent errors, which is annoying. That should probably be reported as a bug.


I've only seen the notes since I've started doing the course on my laptop; formerly, I was using my phone app, and it does not have the preceding notes like the web version does, but thanks.

I have been reporting bugs such as that that I find, though, too.


I think people on phones need to access the Duome version of the notes, but there is never a clear pointer to that. https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd


Same for me. So glad I switched to a laptop as the lessons are far too time consuming now to use the phone. Plus, now access to the notes!


This marks my correct answer wrong. I am trying the exercise for the third time. If I can't get it right I may have to stop learning Gaelic


I have the same problem as we won't be able to progress any further with this bug. This is really sad. Admin help please


Is there any reason you couldn't use an-dràsta here rather than a-nis?

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