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  5. "हमें पढ़ना पसंद है।"

"हमें पढ़ना पसंद है।"

Translation:We like to read.

March 11, 2020



Why does this sentence doesnt use any has or have forms?


What do you mean by has/have forms?

The Hindi sentence can be literally translated as 'To us, reading is likeable'.


I understood from one of your comments as Verb+infinitive+Hein gives the has/ have form. Why doesnt one come here?


Gotcha. हमें पढ़ना है। would be in the Dative+verb-infinitive+है construction and means 'We have to read'.

However, in हमें पढ़ना पसंद है।, we also have the word पसंद and the verb infinitive पढ़ना acts as an object of पसंद. 'To us - to read - likeable - is ' -> 'To read is likeable to us' -> 'We like to read'.


It would help if I knew all the parts of speech! Any suggestions for where to go for a grammar summary?


Why is it hai and not hain?


The verb है is conjugating with the noun पसंद and not हम. The literal translation of the sentence would be something like 'To us, reading is likeable.'


This is so discouraging. What is the difference between I loke reading and I like to read?

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